An incomplete collection of talks

The following is a collection of lecture notes or slides from various talks I have given, on both my own research and other topics:

  • Zero-curvature formulation for novel 2d field theories: Talk at the Cornell algebraic geometry seminar on my integrable harmonic map equations project. (pdf)
  • Fourier Transforms and Physical Dualities: Talk at the UIC geometry, topoloy and dynamics seminar on my self-dual geometric Langlands project. Heavily annotated with presentation-specific notes. (pdf)
  • The Self-Duality Equations on a Riemann Surface: Series of two lectures given at PCMI on Hitchin’s paper of the same name, in preparation for Laura Schaposnik’s advanced course on Higgs bundles. (pdf)
  • Introduction to Mirror Symmetry: Talk given at the 2016 Superschool on Derived Categories and D-branes. (pdf)
  • The Grothendieck Spectral Sequence: Talk given for the 2017 UT Austin minicourse on spectral sequences. (pdf)