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Some Other Interesting People And Some Things They Do

  • Surya Raghavendran: derived geometry, geometric representation theory, twisted supergravity
  • Monica Kang: F-theory, elliptically fibred Calabi-Yau compactifications, holographic entanglement entropy
  • Laura Schaposnik: Higgs bundles, mathematical physics, photography, childrens’ book author
  • Tudor Dimofte: 3d N=4 theories, 3d-3d correspondence, higher algebraic structures in physics
  • Theo Johnson-Freyd: homotopical physics, topological field theory, excellent cook
  • Marco Gualtieri: generalised geometry, mathematical physics
  • Ben Webster: representation theory, symplectic singularities, mirror symmetry
  1. A partial list only. My advisors have many academic offspring, but not all of them have a website.