Miscellaneous notes

For the notes that didn't fit anywhere else...

  • A very short note (2 pages) explaining what happens to the derived category of quasicoherent for an abelian subvariety under the Fourier-Mukai transform. (pdf)
  • Notes from a graduate course on D-modules taught by Sam Gunningham at UT Austin in 2015. (pdf)
  • In 2019, a workshop called Quantum Field Theory for Mathematicians was held at the Perimeter Institute. I live TeXed the workshop, with the idea that I would later tidy up the document, add in references, etc. For various reasons, that didn’t happen, and so the resulting document is still in an incomplete draft form. However, as people have asked me for this document, I’ve decided to make it available in its current state, given the disclaimer above. Caveat lector! (pdf)